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How to remove the parasite on the cat? How can I prevent it?

2018-01-02 03:12:00
Now many people are willing to be a "poop officer" to take care of their cat owners, a proud face of the cat has captured the hearts of many people, more and more people in the home cat, whether it is a variety of cats or Chinese garden cats are loved by people, many people because of the company of cats through the low period of life. Cat bugs and fleas are common in cats, so how can you get rid of these annoying parasites?
How to get rid of the parasite on the cat?

Wear a collar. At present, many pet stores have flea prevention collars for sale, which contain some flea repellant drugs. Wearing such collars for pet cats can help drive away the remaining fleas on the cat and play a role in protecting the cat's health.


Clean the mattress material. "Cat owners" are generally more careful to serve their cat owners, will prepare a comfortable nest, prepare a soft mattress material, but these mattress materials are easy to become a gathering place for cat insects and fleas, if people find that the cat has fleas, etc., they must timely clean the mattress material, so as to prevent the cat from growing fleas again.


A medicinal bath. At present, there are a lot of drugs on the market to deal with cat bugs and fleas. People can buy some flea killing drugs to give their cats a medicinal bath, such as a bath with insect repellent. It is recommended to choose less toxic drugs when buying, because cats like to lick themselves, so as not to let these residual drugs hurt their pets at home.

How to prevent cat parasites?

Go out less. Cats do not like dogs often like to go out for a walk, cats like to stay quiet, although the outside world is colorful, but it is easy to meet all kinds of stray cats and dogs, if the pet cat at home often go out may be infected with fleas and other parasites, so the cat can appropriately reduce the number of times.


Kill insects frequently. Pet hair is relatively strong, people often love these furry things, but the furry cat is easy to breed a variety of parasites, so usually people should regularly give the cat insecticidal work, whether it is a bath or spray insecticide is necessary, can help the cat healthier life.


Shower often. Cats are afraid of water, so many pet cats do not like to take a bath, but not taking a bath is easy to make the cat grow a lot of parasites, so people should let the cat develop a habit of taking a bath frequently, wash twice a month, can effectively prevent the cat from growing parasites.