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How to remove the smell of kerosene from clothes

2018-04-18 08:00:59

1, you can use softener, because the softener taste fragrant, can greatly remove the smell of kerosene on the clothes, but also can make the clothes flexible and remove static electricity. 2, first put the clothes in the soak for a period of time, fully soaked, as shown in the following picture. 3, then put the softener into the foam, knead the clothes a few times, continue to soak the clothes for a period of time. 4, then rub the clothes in the laundry tub, so that the softener fully permeates the clothes. 5, finally rinse the softener quickly, hang the clothes in a ventilated place to dry. 6, also put some sachet on the clothes, drive away the smell of kerosene, or take it to the sun, will form a sun smell, remove the smell of kerosene.