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How to say it for the first time

2018-04-23 04:48:40

First of all, I need to say to you that you need courage and sincerity, of which sincerity is the most important, you must have a correct attitude when you confess, so that the woman feels that you are serious. Your chances of success will be greater.


Look at the relationship is good, what is a good relationship, is the most basic about each other out to play each other can promise, will also be willing to share some pieces of life with each other, at this time generally the other party has not fully determined what type of good feeling you belong to.


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Improve the odds by letting her friends know what she likes and give it to her before she confesses. The best place is the woman likes, if she likes the park, you can choose to express your love in the park, and this is also the place with the highest success rate.