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How to search a group

2018-02-23 19:12:00

Group only group nickname and QR code, no group number, can not add group number into the group (that is, can not search their own group); But there are generally three ways to add groups:


1. Invite friends to add groups: Open the basic group information interface, click the "plus" sign after the group member list at the top to enter the invite friends window, swipe the friends list or search for friends directly by touching the screen, click the friends image to select/cancel one or more friends you want to invite, click the "OK" button at the bottom right, invite friends to add groups successfully. (Tip: When clicking the "OK" button, the number of invited friends will be displayed in the form of a number)


2, scanning group QR code add group: Users can actively join the group by scanning a group QR code. (Tip: Any member of the group can download the QR code of the group in the group information interface, and push it to the user through various ways such as msn, email, offline, etc., for scanning and adding the group)


3, indirect group adding: Users can first add an existing member of a group as a friend, or a group member first add the person who wants to join the group as a friend, and then invited by the friends in the group to join the group.