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How to see if the fish is fresh?

2018-04-06 11:12:37

When you go to the market to buy fish, you should know how to check the freshness of the fish. In order to hide people's eyes, some traders color fish scales and use pig's blood to stain fish gills, so that you can't see whether the fish is good or bad. Xiao Bian teaches you some identification skills based on years of experience in buying fish, and I hope to help you.


Take a look. Look at the fish's eyes. Fish with protruding elastic eyeballs and clear corneas are fresher. On the contrary, the eyeballs collapse, the cornea is not, the meat is cloudy like litchi, and the fish around the eyes become red, so the fish is not fresh enough.


Look at the gills. Open the gills with the hand to see, bright red, you can smell with the nose, the smell is not rancid taste is relatively fresh. If the gills are bloodless, pale yellow or gray-red, smelly, and mucous, they are not fresh. If the gills are dyed red, they will fade when touched by hand, indicating that they are not fresh enough.


Look at the belly of the fish. Color is normal fish belly white, not bloated, anus clean not prominent, pink color. This fish is fresher. If the fish's stomach color is light green, the abdomen is bulging, there is a rupture, and the anus is dark brown and prominent. This kind of fish is not fresh.


Look at the scales. Fish with scales that are cleaner and less likely to fall off are fresher. Fish with dull scales, sticky rolls, and easy to fall off are not fresh. The fillet is easy to fall off, and the hand will drop a large piece, of course, for the fish without scales, you need to use other methods to identify.


Look at the specific gravity. Put the fish in the water, can sink, the specific weight is higher than the water, relatively fresh. Floating on the surface, belly up is not fresh enough. At this time, the belly of the fish bulges up, the volume becomes larger, so the specific gravity is smaller than that of water, the belly is empty, and the spine is in the middle, so the belly faces up.


Touch it, give it to me. Feel the muscles of the fish. The muscles are elastic, the finger presses down, the nest disappears immediately. The fish tail does not hang down on the palm of the hand, that is to say, the body of the fish is relatively strong, it is relatively fresh. On the contrary, the pressed finger socket does not disappear, hold up, and the tail bends downward indicating that the fish is not fresh enough.


As a last resort, smell. Fish that starts to rot has a rancid smell, and of course it's not fresh if it doesn't taste good. Fresh fish has a fishy taste, but no foul smell. To see whether the fish is fresh, a combination of the above methods can generally be done nine times out of ten accurate. Of course, we should often buy fish in order to accumulate lessons and improve our ability to identify.

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