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How to shoot a video - to entertain yourself without postproduction

2018-03-27 09:36:46

After taking photos or videos for so many years, taking photos or videos has finally ushered in a big explosion, with the continuous upgrading of intelligent software and hardware conditions, it can also take satisfactory photos and take happy, interesting and even valuable videos, the following share how to use video.


Smart, tripod


In the case of natural light or indoor light, you can shoot directly. If there are conditions, you can use external light and shadow to follow the face or people, so as to meet the bright requirements of the subject. More light control or layout needs to be arranged from a professional point of view.


To ensure good storage space, the video generally occupies more space, the video within 3 minutes is generally about 13M, if you use other high-definition equipment to shoot video, the estimated file space will be larger.


Do a good job of stability and movement without excessive shaking, when shooting with a handheld, shaking is inevitable, so the video needs to ensure that it is not too shaky, to see whether it is with the help of a fixed object around it, or can adhere to a short period of time without shaking, or to use other ways to place it in a stable place. Of course the best is the tripod. But in the absence of that, you have to be flexible.


Choose the background and background music, the simplest way to take photos or videos is to make the background clean or the background is not messy, and then the main body of the shooting is prominent or the theme is very bright, and you can see it at a glance; The background music can better let the viewer integrate into it and get a variety of experiences. Of course, the background and background music can be changed and changed through the later stage, but the requirements are high, so as a lazy person, I can only start from a simple video, which is simple and casual play.


Avoid interference and ensure the integrity of the picture, in the shooting, try to avoid people from the middle, and then cause a large area of interference, but also avoid horizontal and vertical replacement of the camera position, giving people a very dizzy feeling, in short, the more preparation before the shooting, the shot after the image will be about less effort, but also better reflect the sense of fluency.


In summary, video shooting is very complicated, in fact, just pick up and shoot at will, record the instant images according to your mood or hobbies, and then be willing to share and find the fun in life. Combined with some apps and some funny sounds or props, it can completely become a "blockbuster" directed by yourself, so the shooting Angle or attitude is different. The results will have their own characteristics ~~~ The video is, the original film does not have editing and post-processing, the chance to shoot, please understand. All kinds of people who take photos and record videos come to me to play and communicate more.

Matters needing attention

Guarantee battery power


Be aware of safety issues caused by overheating


Pay attention to portraits and personal safety issues, beware of being misunderstood or misunderstood