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How to sleep well, sleep soundly?

2018-02-22 22:24:00

People often tell me that he (she) often sleep badly recently, a face of fatigue, no spirit to work, lunch break did not rest well, this situation has lasted for a week, people who are not well rested, from the look of the face will know that they did not sleep well, the face is gray, the most important thing is when they do not rest well, their work is not good. Efficiency is also low, rest, the next day's mental state will be good, then how can you sleep well, sleep soundly? Let's take a look!


Rest environment


Mental relaxation


First of all, if you want to sleep well and sleep soundly, you must have an environment conducive to rest. This rest environment is best quiet, safe, clean and tidy bedding, the smell of the sun is best, the room does not have odor, it is best to be familiar with the rest environment, people in their familiar environment easy to sleep, just imagine, pillow clean and soft, covered with the smell of the sun quilt, how can you sleep well?


In order to get a good night's sleep, some bedtime habits are conducive to a good night's sleep. These habits include: Before going to bed with warm water feet, warm water feet, on the one hand to play a cleaning role, on the other hand after soaking feet, the feet are warm, and there are many acupoints in the feet, after going to bed, the feet are warm and warm, help sleep, and you can drink a small cup of warm milk before going to bed, also help sleep. In addition, it is best not to eat too much before going to bed, and avoid going to bed hungry!


Mental relaxation In order to sleep well and sleep soundly, you also need to relax yourself. Only when you are relaxed can you fall asleep. Sleep with tension and anxiety is not a good sleep, wake up or a tired, ideological pressure is still large. Therefore, before sleep, to arrange their own things on hand, to mind without distractions, do not let the work in sleep also harassing you.


If you want to sleep well, when you sleep, you can play some music to promote your sleep. Music has magical power, some music is very helpful to sleep, the Chinese famous music played by Twelve Girls Band, Banderi's music works, all have a calming effect, I believe that you will fall asleep unconsciously.


If you want to sleep well, you can also read some books you don't like to read before going to bed, or even some books you don't understand, which can be called "sky books" for you at this level, you may wish to buy a book, take it out and double it, so that you fall asleep unconsciously.


If you want to sleep well, you also need to pay attention to the length of your sleep time, which is not to say that the longer you sleep, the higher the quality of sleep. Sleep after waking up to find that refreshed is a good sleep! Do not care about your sleep time is long, or sleep time is short, did not reach the scientific rest time, everything depends on how your body recovers after sleep to judge.

Matters needing attention

May the trouble of insomnia stay away from you!


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