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How to speed up the computer reaction speed

2018-05-09 22:24:28

Computer is already an indispensable part of life, not office or games or daily use, not smooth or even card computer use will be very upset. Here are a few mitigation and solutions.






Solid State Drive (SSD)


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Clean up the trash. Regular cleaning of the garbage, especially the garbage and debris of the C disk helps to improve the running speed.


Also, periodically scan for Trojans. If there is a Trojan horse will also cause system anomalies, slow card and so on.


The second is to clean up long-unused software. In particular, many novices will install the software directly on the C disk, although it will be beneficial to the software itself, but the overall operation of the computer will have an impact, especially the C disk will occupy a lot of slow card. Unless the software is forcibly installed on the C drive (like new office or Adobe), it is recommended to install it on a different drive.


The above is to say that the positive words have little effect. Here's what really improves performance. For only one memory module: Install a memory module. First of all, it is necessary to know what brand, model, and size of the memory bar is installed on your computer, and then buy a exactly the same one, which can constitute a dual channel (it seems that different sizes can also be, separately), and the computer speed has been improved, especially the software experience of opening multiple software or occupying large memory will be obvious.


What really boosts performance completely: solid-state drives. In recent years, solid state hard disk has been a necessary installation, solid state performance is not mechanical hard disk can be compared, the transmission speed is far ahead of mechanical hard disk. Using SSD as system disk can greatly improve computer performance.