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How to tell the authenticity of imported wine

2018-04-05 14:24:10

Fake goods are rampant on the market, the level of counterfeiting is becoming more and more exquisite, counterfeiters in order to deceive consumers, use every means, then how to distinguish the true and false of imported wine? Let's see.


According to customs regulations, imported wine in addition to the positive label on the front of the bottle with the text of the importing country, but also need to stick a regular Chinese back label on the back.


The volume of imported French wine is usually shown on the wine label as 75clE, rather than the commonly used 750ml.


The back of the original bottle of imported wine is marked with a 13-digit international barcode, where the 1-3 digits are the country code.


The text on the cork will be consistent with the content of the wine label, the name of the winery, the production lot number, etc., but the filling of the wine is difficult to do in the details.