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How to tell the real Chanel bag

2018-03-30 20:48:24

Chanel's handbag style is simple and elegant, and it is a magic weapon for matching clothes, but the price of chanel handbag of one or two million makes many MM prohibitive. So pirates will grasp this psychology, imitation a lot of fake Chanel Chanel handbags. This article will teach you how to tell a genuine Chanel bag from a fake one.


1. Each CHANEL bag has a unique serial number, from which the year of production can be known.


2. There will be a place of production inside the bag to indicate that CHANEL is only made in France and Italy. So the markings are only Made in France or Made in Italy. And the color of the writing must be the same as the color of the accessory metal, only two colors, gold or silver. Gold metal parts are produced in gold writing. On the other hand, silver writing is silver.


3. The CHANEL bag is flat when viewed from the front, the lines are straight. The bottom of a fake bag will stick out a little.


4. The back of the buckle will have the CHANEL PARIS logo


5. The zipper marks on CHANEL bags. EP, YKK, LAMPO on the real one.


6. Most Chanel is made of lambskin, which is dark and concave. Chanel bag body shape is very crisp, will not have a sense of collapse. Especially sheepskin bags, not only feel good, but also have a taste of the original skin. The fake Chanel is not used in sheepskin, the leather reflectivity is large, and the elasticity is poor. The double Clogo from the Chanel Cambon collection is made of snakeskin and has a strong texture.


7. Genuine Chanel zippers all have a jewel-themed hook at the hook chain, usually the early lion head or the famous double C shape. The weight of the real zipper is heavier, and the closing place is usually separated from the sheep skin, and the mouth is sewn with double thread. Traces of glue can be seen on the closing of the fake Chanel zipper.


8. The real thing comes with a care manual, which comes in three versions depending on the year the Chanel bag was produced. Before 2001 is one, the other is 2001 to 2003, and after 2003 is the latest version. Most fake Chanel bags use the first version.