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How to tell the real Louis Vuitton handbag by taste

2018-03-23 00:00:39

When we walk to the LV handbag monopoly, we will smell a special smell, which comes from these LV bags. Why does it smell like that? This is because LV bags are made of high-quality leather, and in order to ensure the practicality of its leather, LV will spray on it with a very expensive solution to prevent other conditions in its bags. Because this potion is specially developed by LV, and its price is very expensive, which is a high imitation of LV can not do. We can use this familiar taste to confirm the authenticity of the product when we buy LV in the future. In addition to this special taste, authentic LV's inner lining is made of classic canvas, and in order to ensure the robustness of its bag, its inner lining generally has several layers. However, replica LV handbags, in order to reduce their production costs, are generally used a layer of lining or two layers of lining to deal with. Moreover, the material texture of LV imitation products is also very poor, and its feel is quite rough. A quality precious LV canvas bag, while giving us unexpected surprises, but also let our temperament look more perfect. Because of its unique manufacturing process, LV canvas bags have been enduring in the global fashion industry for more than 100 years. As the saying goes: "people fear fame, pigs fear strength." The LV fashion brand has a unique position in the global fashion world, so some LV replicas also appear one after another. When we buy LV, which points can we judge the authenticity of its products? How about, the above two ways and methods to identify LV true and false are not very simple? We can all refer to the method pointed out by Xiaobian for you to buy LV at ease. We can first judge the quality of its goods from the texture on the surface of LV, an authentic LV canvas bag, because its production process is very unique, speedy's surface shows us a relatively dark and dull feeling, but its color is still very full, when we touch with the hand, its feel is quite comfortable. An LV replica, its surface is not able to do the same texture as the genuine bag, its surface will show reflective situation, lv home and its feel is quite smooth. For these canvas series of LV if its surface shows a reflective situation, then it must be a fake bag. The way to judge the authenticity of LV is actually very simple, I hope you can continue to pay attention to Xiaobian, Xiaobian will continue to bring you the introduction of relevant common sense. In the global fashion industry, the classic fashion brand LV handbag, whether it is the launch of fashion bags, speedy or fashion clothing, has become a representative of quality, not only the achievement of the pursuit of fashion people, but also become the main product of these people to highlight the identity. A quality elegant LV bag, all are made of superior leather material, so that the design style of the bag is still gorgeous. These leather materials through its designer's exquisite cutting and unique processing process, LV has become a unique product in the fashion industry. How can we judge a fake Louis Vuitton bag? But from the surface of the leather we can see the difference between its goods and genuine goods, fake LV because of its selection of materials are not made of these high-quality materials, because these leather is limited around the world, its feel is very soft, and no sense of crisp. Therefore, we can judge whether this LV is genuine by its appearance and whether its shape is straight... Choose the world's treasures LV handbag, lv house let the young and fashionable us enjoy the trend of life at the same time, but also feel the classic quality brought by the world's classic brand LV.