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How to thank someone for buying you dinner

2018-03-21 11:12:22

We know that the happiest thing in the workplace is a "promotion and salary increase", but in a highly competitive workplace environment, not everyone can have a good development. At this time, your relationship with leaders and colleagues is crucial, usually, the leader will intentionally or unintentionally promote their appreciation of people, but if the appreciation of the person is not high emotional intelligence, do not know how to express gratitude in a timely manner, it is likely to slowly be led into the "cold palace". However, some employees after being promoted by the leader, the way to express gratitude is a little special, that is, gifts, money, in other words, some "bribery" nature, which will not only hurt the leader, but also conducive to their long-term development, smart employees in the expression of gratitude to the leader for promotion, will start from these three aspects.


1, the heart of gratitude, first of all, the most basic is to be the leader to help, promote the object, must be always grateful, after all, the ancients said: "to cast wood peach, to Qiongyao", "the grace of dripping water, Yongquan." Only a grateful heart can be reflected in the usual behavior and some details to make the leader feel gratified.


2, face to face thank you, of course, sometimes only put gratitude in the heart is not appropriate, at the appropriate time, to promote your leadership face to face thank you. For example, when traveling together, or when two people are alone, say thank you to the leader solemnly and emotionally, so that the leader can feel your gratitude.


3, work hard to complete the work, of course, the leader to promote you basically value your work ability, hope that you can perform better and better in the work, so as a leader, he will also benefit, so must continue to maintain a good working state. In addition, there are many people under the leader, there will be a variety of people, when your leader promotes you, there will be a lot of people immediately staring at you and dealing with your leader. You work hard, both to repay your leader's upbringing and to strengthen your position and stop others from gossiping.