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How to thank the teacher?

2018-02-23 09:36:00

A day as a teacher, a lifetime as a father, we do not have to wait until the teacher's day to thank the teacher. On Teachers' Day, many students and even parents are considering how to celebrate the teacher's holiday and thank the teacher for his kindness. How to thank teachers on Teachers' Day is meaningful? Teachers, students and parents all have their own ideas.


When it comes to how to express their gratitude to teachers on Teachers' Day, netizens "Corner" said: "I will send teachers text messages, sub-emails, electronic cards." And this method has become the first choice of many netizens, netizens "only air" said: "and teachers have been gone for a long time, usually less, and live in different cities, so texting and email is the most convenient and rapid blessing method." Some netizens also chose a special blessing way, netizens "started" said: "A few of us decided to buy a bunch of carnations to give to the teacher, and now have not graduated, as far as possible to thank in person." Netizen "Hand in Hand" said: "Our class is going to have dinner with the teachers, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and celebrate with the teachers."


Dongyang Wind-wind High School Zhu Qizhou: On the occasion of the 20th Teacher's Day, can not help but think of last year's teacher's Day eve, a neighbor family for the child to send what gift to the teacher and squabbling: mother said to send flowers the most fashionable, father said flowers are not affordable, send goods good... Finally he turned to me. I inspire children, what is the teacher's favorite? The child thought for a moment and said, "I know!" After returning to a greeting card wrote: "Sincerely congratulate the teacher happy holidays! To be honest with you, we have too much homework, can we have less?" Later I heard that I was praised by the teacher. At present, teachers are most troubled by not understanding the psychology of children, so what they like most is the truth of children. If during the celebration of Teachers' Day, every child can say a few words to the teacher from the heart, how good it would be!


Xiang Yuhan, student of Class 5 (3) of Jiangbin Primary School: Dear Teacher Zheng, you have a funny and wise mind, so that 52 students in the whole class can learn in a happy and happy learning garden, we not only learn knowledge, but also very happy. You write on your screen: There is no reason to be unhappy. And every time you come home, you come home singing. Thank you, Mr. Zheng. Finally, I wish you happy every day, always funny, always handsome! On Teachers' Day last year, I wrote the above paragraph on a homemade greeting card and gave it to Teacher Zheng. The teacher was very happy and read the passage in front of the class. The teacher said that this is the most meaningful way to thank the teacher. Yu Bonn, College of Humanities, Normal University: As a teacher, the most happy is of course to see the students they teach become useful talents. Therefore, on the occasion of Teacher's Day, write a letter to your former teacher to inform your learning and work, and when the teacher receives the letter, he must be particularly happy.


Teacher Xie with excellent results Reader Hong Jianlin: The teacher is proud of the fragrance of the peach and plum, and always hopes that all the students he cultivates will be promising. Therefore, I think, as a student, only aspire to become a talent, and work hard in their own posts, do extraordinary achievements, and thank the teacher's careful cultivation and care with excellent results, which is the most meaningful.


Give the teacher a pair of gloves citizen direction: Thank the teacher does not need very gorgeous words, do not need very valuable items. This Teacher's Day, I plan to teach my daughter several female teachers (female teachers are afraid of cold) each play a pair of fingerless gloves to show my gratitude.