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How to understand business etiquette in the workplace: [1] Business card etiquette

2018-02-23 08:00:00

New friends in the workplace, usually always in a hurry, speaking and doing things improperly led to the rebuke of the leader, but if we know business etiquette, may improve their status in the mind of the boss, so as to smooth the wind, step by step. First, let's look at the etiquette details of using business cards.

Method/Step 1

Note on business card production:


Business cards are not arbitrarily altered: In business communication, business cards are like faces, face unchanged, business cards unchanged, keep clean.


Private house, family information is not provided: foreign etiquette pays attention to the protection of personal privacy;


No more than two job titles: too many titles on a business card, deceptive.


Note on business card placement:


Business cards can be placed in the upper left pocket of the suit, or in a leather bag within reach. Do not put business cards in the wallet, trouser pocket, but also to separate their own business cards and other people's business cards, so as not to take the wrong, cause embarrassment


Precautions for presenting business cards:


When delivering a business card to the other party, you should face a smile, lean slightly, look at the other party, the business card is facing the other party, and the thumb and index finger of both hands are holding the two corners of the upper end of the business card to the other party, if you are sitting, you should stand up or bow to deliver, when delivering, you can say something: "I am **, this is my business card, please accept." "My card, please accept it." "Here is my card. Please take care of me." Kind words like that.


Note on receiving business cards:


When accepting others' business cards, you should get up or lean down as soon as possible, smile, catch the bottom two corners of the business card with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, and be respectful, so that the other party feels that you are very interested in the business card, and carefully look at the business card when you receive it, you can say: "Thank you!" Let's wait. Then put it in your suit pocket or card holder. Do not take the other party's business card at a glance and put it aside, do not play with it in your hand, do not carry it in your hand, do not rub it in your hand, otherwise it will affect the other party's impression of you.


Business card exchange points to note:


1. Exchange business cards with Western, Middle Eastern, Indian and other foreigners can use both hands or only the right hand;


2, when the other party hands you a business card, if you do not have a business card or no business card, you should first apologize to the other party, and then truthfully explain the reason. For example: "I'm sorry, I don't have a business card with me", "Sorry, the business card I brought today is used up, I will bring it to you later".


3, it is best not to ask for business cards from others directly, but to ask tactfully.


Three ways to ask for a business card:


The trading method of winning the secret - the key is "to take it, must give it first". I want Mr. Zhang's business card, I gave it to him, then according to the international etiquette, he will naturally give you his business card in return. (This method only applies to the two parties whose status is not very different.)


"Li Dong, nice to meet you, I wonder if I could exchange business cards with you?" When he says that, he has to give it to you even if he doesn't want to. (If the other party still does not give, then you can also use the next method)


The winning secret of contact method - "Zhou Dong, it's a pleasure to know you, and I hope to see you when I come to ---- in the future, I don't know how to contact you more convenient in the future?"

Matters needing attention

Be sure to read the card when you receive it, it is a sign of respect for others and friendliness.