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How to unlock the iphone4

2018-04-07 17:36:24

Many friends for the US version of iphone4 unlock is not completely, this tutorial will teach you the US version of iPhone 4 unlock the whole process, you will not hurry to learn it.


The US iphone4


The cut SIM card, card sticker and SIM card slot should be placed together in advance. Now comes the crucial step. Turn on your iPhone 4, unlock the screen, and then push in your prepared SIM card.


GEVEY card paste welcome screen. After inserting the SIM card, wait for a while until the GEVEY card paste welcome screen appears. Click Accept. Then wait 15 seconds before you can proceed to the next step. Dial 112.


Turn on airplane mode after hanging up, dial 112 after 15 seconds, do not connect, hang up immediately. After hanging up the interface will stay for a few seconds, normal return to the dial interface after five seconds to open the flight mode.


No SIM card is installed


SIM card failure message After entering the flight mode, wait for a while, there will be a message indicating that the SIM card is not installed, do not worry, click "OK" and leave the flight mode, then the SIM card failure message will appear, no, continue to wait, about 20 seconds or so the signal will appear. At this point, the unlocking of the US version of iPhone 4 has been completed. After unlocking the US version of iPhone 4, you will find that you can only receive calls, no EDGE display, can not connect to the 3G network, this is because we use the GEVEY card to simulate our SIM card as a foreign SIM card, so we need to open the data roaming function, so that you can connect to the 3G network.


Turning on the iPhone 4's data roaming function is not only that, we also need to set the cellular data, the specific parameter Settings, and mobile users can refer to the following figure. Set left and set right to move