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How to use beyond compare3

2018-03-13 00:00:32

When we operate windows, we often need to Compare the difference or difference between two files. Beyond Compare is a very useful tool. This article describes how to compare files or directories through this tool software.


First download the Beyond Compare 3 tool from the Internet, and then open the software, the following interface appears.


On the left side of the start interface there are folder comparison, files, and so on, here select file comparison. The following screen is displayed.


On the pop-up interface, open the two files that need to be compared in turn, and it is very convenient to find the icon to open the file.


The figure below shows the content of the two, where the red part indicates the difference between the two, that is, the difference. We can see clearly by comparison.


If there is a difference, you can synchronize the file through the left and right arrows on the left of the text to synchronize the first different place.


You can see the distribution of the text differences through the thumbnail in the upper left corner, and you can quickly locate the differences by dragging the area of the rectangular box.