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How to use small potato tape

2018-04-18 14:24:31

Small potato tape is a kind of multi-functional tape, usually used for wrapping, packaging, repair and decoration. The following are the steps to use small potato tape in general:


1. Preparation: Ensure that the surface is dry and clean. If necessary, use a paper towel or cleaning cloth to wipe clean.


2. Cut the tape: According to the desired length, use scissors or knives to cut the small potato tape to the right size. Be careful not to cut the part of the tape.


3. Adhesive tape: Apply the cut small potato tape to the target surface. During the bonding process, you can use your fingers to lightly press the tape to ensure that it fits tightly to the surface.


4. Compacting tape: Use your fingers or a flat tool to gently press the tape to ensure that the tape is tightly attached and firmly attached to the surface.


5. Trim excess parts: If the tape has excess parts, use scissors to trim off the excess parts, so that it is neat and beautiful.


Please note that when using small potato tape, it is best to use it on a flat, dry surface, and avoid long-term exposure to a wet environment to ensure the viscosity and effect of the tape.


If you have specific use needs or questions, it is recommended to refer to the product's instructions or the tape manufacturer for more accurate guidance.