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How to use the Internet to learn English for free

2018-03-16 04:48:59

Now with the Internet, self-learning English is no longer a problem, and the key is for free! But there are so many ways to learn English on the Internet, so many websites and so many, which content is more effective? Small P with their own personal experience, to introduce some good learning software and website, I hope to help you!




Enjoy learning English


Back words: Small P in order to be able to better back words, in the choice of word software but painstaking work, and finally decided to use it: know the meter back word function is really complete, learning can have a variety of modes, busy you can only review, do not learn new words. So you don't forget what you memorized. You can also consolidate the familiar words, listen to the sound review. As long as you download the voice package when you have wifi, you can recite the words without any traffic. I have used hundreds of words before, and I have also used some memorizing word software. A hundred words cut is completely unable to remember the state of the word, punch those software mostly cost a lot of traffic, so I think know the most suitable.


Online classroom learning: I recommend Hujiang CC class: CCTalk. There are many online courses, not just in English. And you can interact with your teachers online, all for free. There are different classes at all times of the day, you can select the class you have recently attended, it will be in your class, and it will remind you to attend class. Really conscientious learning software. I have also used many other software before, and I always charge for using it.


Recommendation of learning website: open class and cloud class. However, I prefer open courses, which have high-quality open courses from foreign universities and TEDtalk, etc. There are too few cloud classes and many still have to be charged. There are also advantages of open class for learning English, you can choose subtitles: Chinese/English/double subtitles/no subtitles to watch subtitles for learning English is very effective, which I also shared in this experience: How to effectively watch drama to learn English: the advantages of mkv format _ Experience


If you want to go abroad, I recommend these forums: Pony Forum, one Mu three Fen Forum, Shangyou Forum. These are carefully selected by small P, but they have not made good use of them for the time being, shame on you. I also hope you can give other recommendations to Little P.


You can also subscribe to some free learning subscriptions: Little P has subscribed to EF Education First's daily lesson in the mailbox, and you can see it as soon as you start to remind yourself to learn English. This kind of subscription should be many, you can subscribe according to their own interests.


This is little P using the Internet to learn English in a variety of ways, here without reservation account. It is really personal experience, and I hope it can help you. I also hope that if you have other good ways to leave a message below oh, we work together!

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