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How to use the shoulder pusher in sitting position

2018-04-02 11:12:01

The way to use the shoulder push device in sitting position is to hold the device, and the main muscle groups that are stressed are the deltoids, triceps and pectoralis major muscles. Zero-base fitness crowd must not be on the weight.


First of all, make sure the sweatshirts, sneakers, training gloves,


When training, you need to prepare drinking water in advance.


1, before the training to lift the whole body and shoulder joint warm-up, and then adjust the weight of the equipment and latch, adjust the weight suitable for their own.


2. Adjust the height and backrest of the seat


3, adjust the holding distance of the arm and the neutral position of the wrist, so as not to cause injury and improper methods, resulting in small force on the target muscles


4. Keep the body in a neutral position, lift the chest, pull in the abdomen and look up, look at the front of the glasses, and push the forearm vertically to the ground and up the arm as straight as possible. Tip the shield a little!


5, the movement track is from the bottom up, exhale when the force, inhale when the reduction.


6, slowly return to the original position when restoring, do not make a sound, beginners each group of 8 to 12, you can do 3 to 4 groups. Don't forget to stretch your deltoids after training to prevent muscle soreness.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to warm up before practice, pay attention to stretching muscles after practice, and properly supplement foods containing more protein


Chicken, beef, egg white, etc., fitness is a lifelong thing to adhere to, come on friends