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How to visit Aden

2018-04-30 14:24:00

Yading is located in the southwest of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, it sleeps in the ice age, covers an area of 7323 square kilometers, and retains the oldest memories and the purest faces of nature.

Aden scenery features

Aden with its unique primitive ecological environment, male, strange, show, beautiful high-grade natural scenery is famous at home and abroad, it has been forgotten by time, thousands of years, the sun rises and sets, silently guarding their own boundless beauty.





Aden scenic area is a plateau monsoon climate, summer and autumn cool, winter and spring cold. Most of the year, the weather is sunny, sunny, even if there is rain and snow, but also fall at night. In the plateau area, the coldest month in January, the average temperature is below -5°C; The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of 10°C ~ 12°C. The temperature difference between day and night in the scenic area is large, and it is necessary to pay attention to cold protection. END


(The actual situation is subject to local occurrence.) In the past, the traffic was blocked, and there was a saying that "Shu road is difficult, and it is difficult to go to the sky", and now it has formed a three-dimensional transportation system integrating modern aviation, highway and shipping traffic. The only quick way to get into Aden is by car. Moreover, if you have altitude sickness, the car will allow you to have a gradual adaptation process, the scenery is very good, and you will not feel tired. END


Tourist accommodation facilities are very perfect, Aden accommodation mainly in the county, Riva township, Aden village and Longlongba, relative to the city's conditions to almost, please give your understanding. There are more accommodation options, but every tourist season is often in short supply, so the peak season travel should be booked in advance. END


To butter tea, beef and mutton, Zanba, highland barley wine, yogurt and other Tibetan food, be sure to taste. There are also many Sichuan restaurants in the county. In a good season, you can eat a lot of mountain delicacies. Such as spring grass, summer matsutake, with fresh beef and mutton or hare, chicken, etc., fried stew are delicious, more food please see Aden along the food collection. END

Best time to travel

The best season to visit Aden is April to May and September to October. END