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How to weld stainless steel wire rope

2018-04-25 00:00:40

The history of making rope from natural fibers dates back to prehistoric times. Long before the invention of writing, even before the Stone Age. There is evidence of twisted ropes as early as 17,000 BC. Logically, it should be due to survival needs, the conscious hanging of bark, hide on the body, or the remaining prey hanging high, prompting the use of different thickness of rattan to connect and hang things, and then developed to use multiple rattan to join to increase strength and length.


Stainless steel wire rope


Stainless steel welding


1, the new wire rope should not be used directly under high speed and heavy load immediately, but should run for a period of time under low speed and medium load conditions, so that the new rope can adapt to the use state, and then gradually improve the running speed of the wire rope and increase the lifting load, that is, the new wire rope must go through the initial running-in stage before high-speed and heavy load operations.


2, when the steel wire rope and pulley are used together, attention must be paid to prevent the steel wire rope from jumping out of the wheel groove. If the wire rope is still in use after falling off the wheel, the wire rope will produce extrusion deformation, kinks, broken wires, broken strands, seriously shorten the service life of the wire rope, if the phenomenon of broken ropes, often bring disastrous consequences.


3, the wire rope in use can not be strongly squeezed, so as to avoid the deformation of the wire rope, resulting in structural damage and early broken wire (when the wire surface will appear martensite this brittle layer of organization), broken strands and even broken rope, significantly reduce the service life of the wire rope and endanger the safety of operation.


4. When the wire rope is running at high speed, it should avoid friction with other objects outside the non-matched wheel groove. Because at high speed, the instantaneous friction heat generated when the wire rope runs with these objects can lead to the martensitic structure on the surface of the wire, and although this change in the structure can not be identified by the naked eye, it is the main reason for the early fracture of the wire.


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Matters needing attention

(1) When used in the shaft with large leaching water and high pH, galvanized steel wire rope should be selected due to serious rust.


(2) In the mine with serious wear, it is better to choose the thick line contact round strand of the outer steel wire and the special-shaped strand wire rope or the surface contact wire rope.


(3) When fatigue broken wire is the main cause of wire rope damage, a wire contact wire rope with a small diameter difference between the inner and outer layers can be selected (in which the filled type is better) or a special-shaped wire rope.


(4) It is better to lay the steel wire rope in the same direction for mine lifting.


(5) The steel wire rope used for digging the shaft should be selected as a multi-layer non-rotating steel wire rope.


(6) Steel wire rope with metal rope core can be used for lifting gangue hills with high temperature or open fire.


(7) It is best to use sealed wire rope for wire rope tank. If other types of wire rope are selected, galvanized wire rope is appropriate.