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How to write reports and articles quickly?

2018-03-28 04:48:33

In the course of our daily jobs, there are a lot of articles and reports to be written (think about the pain you had writing your year-end review last year). Or maybe there are a lot of people who have a lot of life experiences, or experience ideas, and they want to write about them and maybe make a book out of them. However, as the old saying goes, "pick up the pen and forget the word." When we actually sit down and write, we can't write anything. Here to introduce my experience, through the combination of software and writing ideas, let you quickly become a "book of equal" writing master.


Various speech recognition input systems (there are many of these software)


The first step is to download and install speech recognition input software. This software can help you convert speech to text quickly. With speech recognition software, you can turn your words into words. Principle: Usually, our writing is carried out by "hands". But no matter how fast you write, you still can't keep up with the speed of your own thinking. So although we think of a lot of wonderful content, but because our hands are too slow to keep up, it causes the things in our brains to be blocked together and can not be shown. Using speech recognition software to help you maximize the translation of your thoughts into words is very important. So, the most important ingredient of effective writing is speed. Therefore, the first step is to install the relevant software system. This experience is "written" through this system. As I spoke, he wrote.


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When writing, you can think of a title for what you want to express. After you have written the title, you will look at the computer and say all the ideas related to the title. The more you say, the better. Use voice recognition to record what you say as you speak. This time do not go the article into text after, is not a good article. The most important thing at this time is to write down what you want to express. After the content has been recorded, revise the article. It makes writing much faster. That is to say, we have to divide the writing of the article into two parts to implement separately. The first part is to "write down" the content of the article first - that is, to turn all the ideas in your mind into software as much as possible. In the second part, after all the content has been obtained, we will revise the wording, arrange the paragraphs, and arrange the logic. It's a lot quicker. Remember: Separate content from form. Writing = Memorizing Content + Changing wording (changing structure)


Is it easier to write or correct an article? If you do not feel it, then writing an article is actually a very difficult thing. However, it is much easier to revise what you have said and turn it into a coherent text. We all have a feeling that it is much easier to turn a 100-word article into a thousand words than to write a thousandword article. Because you can make changes, make additions, make additions around what you already have. With these ready-made tips, it is not difficult to write more and write well. Because modification is an improvement process from 1 to 10, while authoring is a creative process from 0 to 10. Starting at zero is the hardest part.