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Huashan accommodation tourism guide

2018-05-01 06:24:00

The first mountain in the world, the cliff, the east peak sunrise, the south peak Qisong, the north peak clouds, the name is worthy of. Huashan scenery is very beautiful, the cableway is very spectacular, the snow is also very beautiful.


Huashan Mountain


Enter Huashan Mountain: Huashan Mountain is located in Huayin City, 120 kilometers east of the province. Huashan is 138 km from the airport. The airport has no direct shuttle bus to Huashan, generally need to go to Huashan by car. Huashan has two railway stations: Huashan Railway Station and Huashan North Railway Station. You can get off at Huashan Station on the Longhai Line by ordinary train. Bullet trains and high-speed trains stop at Huashan North Railway Station. The train station and the passenger station have shuttle buses or special tour buses to Huashan. Huashan scenic area internal traffic is mainly ropeway.


Best time to visit: April to October. The scenery of Huashan in the four seasons is magical and changeable, and you can enjoy "Yunhua Mountain", "Rain Huashan", "Fog Huashan" and "Snow Huashan" in different seasons. Spring rain foot mist, all things wake up, mountain flowers in full bloom, is a good place to visit spring; Summer visibility is high, the climate is cool and pleasant, you can see the sunrise and mountain waterfalls, often accompanied by the sea of clouds appear, sigh "but hear the sound of people, there are no people" of the secluded environment; Autumn moderate temperature, red leaves full mountain, cliff for the bottom pine juniper ink, a gorgeous make people tremble, is the best season to climb; Winter snow, snow rime cliffs distant mountains face each other, giving people a fairyland beauty. The sunrise is the indispensable scenery of Huashan all year round


Ticket availability: Peak season (March to November) : 180.00 yuan Off-season (December to February) : 100.00 yuan Tips: 1. Tickets are valid for 2 days. 2. Tickets include Xiyue Temple scenic spot and Xianyu Scenic spot.

Matters needing attention

Doors: Open 24 hours: High season 07:00~19:00, low season 09:00~17:00