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Human cs commonly used moving skills

2018-05-01 17:36:00

Laser Strike is a form of competitive entertainment that uses high-tech techniques to simulate real people on the battlefield. At present, the increasingly popular "real CS" is one of the forms of expression. How can we move better when playing live cs?


Live CS venue


Active personnel (around 20 is the best)


When sprinting, do not cross the front of other teammates, and do not hinder other teammates to sprint, as shown below.


Before the action should be obtained with teammates, agreed that one person sprint while the other person fire cover, according to this rotation, as shown below.


If there is no cover in the lying place after sprinting, immediately switch to the rolling position to hide behind the cover, as shown below.


Moving technique for crossing embankment: Roll sideways with rifle in front of your chest, elbows against your body, feet crossed, and roll with full body strength.


Street fighting mobile skills: at street corners and intersections first confirm their moving direction and destination, do not stand and poke your head out to observe, this is the most dangerous. Keep your body probe as low as possible when you have a good view, and keep both your weapon and body away.


Movement skills over the wall stack: when crossing the wall is the most unguarded state, so the posture should be as low as possible. Quickly lie on the top of the wall and roll on the axis of your body.


Even in narrow alleys, you can't walk along the wall in the center of the road, if you walk on the side of the sun, it will be very dangerous to stand in the center, and the enemy will find it from a distance. In order not to make yourself a target, the correct thing to do is to move along the shadow of the wall. Don't expose yourself to Windows and doorways! Be especially careful of the window when moving against the wall, and lower your head below the window when passing. Also pay attention to the small window at the side of the foot, by jumping through, do not let the enemy see the foot. It is best not to use the gate when entering or leaving the building, because the enemy may aim here. If you must go to the door, you must first observe the situation at the door and determine the position you want to run out. At this time, we must have comrades to provide fire cover before we can move. When the first person gets to the predetermined position, provide cover for the next person.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to personal safety during activities


Pay attention to equipment safety