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Humidifier maintenance and maintenance of several skills

2018-04-14 00:00:17

Humidifier is most of all a small appliance, but for improving the working environment around us is still very helpful, in the hot night to watch the ball, there is a humidifier that can make you feel comfortable I believe will give you a good mood. However, consumers should pay attention to is that, with the sudden increase of copycats, such as humidifier technology threshold is not high products have been faced with a great crisis, consumers in the purchase or choose well-known quality products, so as not to bring unnecessary harm to themselves. I hope today's introduction can provide you with some help, and I hope that consumers can choose their own humidifier as soon as possible and enjoy a summer that is not too hot. Here I will use Dorosin DRS-03A to talk about several tips for humidifier maintenance and maintenance.


Correct water addition: When using the humidifier, do not touch the water surface with your hand, do not use the empty box, and discharge the water in the tank when moving, and cannot be inverted. In addition, many humidifiers add water after the water evaporates, and the water inlet is below, so do not add water when the humidifier is working, so as to avoid damage to the humidifier due to improper operation.


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Humidity suitable: When using the humidifier, should control the humidity of the room, the healthy humidity environment is 45% to 65%, in such humidity conditions, the human body feels the most comfortable, various germs are not easy to spread. Humidity is too high will make the human respiratory system and mucous membranes produce discomfort, and too low will appear nasal dryness, skin molting and other phenomena, so in the use of humidifier, if there is no automatic constant temperature function, you can also buy a hygrometer, after reaching a moderate humidity to stop humidifying.