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Hutong tour guide

2018-03-16 03:12:31

"Hutong", these two words are translated from Mongolian, hutong is the product of long history, it reflects the face of history, is rich in content, the following to understand the hutong.


South Luoguxiang is a very old street in Dongcheng district, South Luoguxiang street is not wide, still maintains the Yuan Dadu street, hutong planning, also known as "Wupede Street", is the city's key protection of the Siheyuan street.


Yanjiaoxie Street is located in the core area of Shichahai Historical and Cultural Protection zone, starting from Anmen Street in the east and adjacent to Qianhai of Shichahai in the west, with a total length of nearly 300 meters, which is listed as one of the eight characteristic commercial streets under construction in 2007.


Maoer Hutong belongs to Jiaodaokou street in Dongcheng District.


Guozijian Street runs east-west between Yonghegong Street and Mennei Street.


Liuli is located in Xicheng District. 1 km from Tian 'anmen Square, Liuli west from the north and south willow alley, Temple street, a total length of 800 meters.


Goldfish alley is located on the south side of Dengshikou Street, which is under the jurisdiction of Donghuamen Sub-district office and goes east-west.


Juer Hutong is located in the northwest of Dongcheng District, starting from Jiaodaokou South Street in the east, Nanluogu Lane in the west, Houyuanensi Hutong in the south, and Shoubi Hutong in the north. It is under the jurisdiction of Jiaodaokou Subdistrict Office.