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Hygiene tips

2018-04-17 08:00:23

Life tips, I have a small method, everyone's home has one or two sets of practical home cleaning, is the so-called method more is better, here I also give my valuable experience to share with you.


Ceramic tile floor waxing can always keep bright, and be sure to ensure that the ground is dry after cleaning with water, so as not to be slipped by the remaining water traces.


Leather sofa can be lightly wiped with a damp cloth, stained with oil can be lightly wiped with diluted soapy water, but do not use hot water to wipe, so as not to deteriorate the cortex.


Plush sofas can be brushed with a brush dipped in a little diluted alcohol and then dried with a hairdryer. If you have juice stains, mix with a teaspoon of baking soda and rub with a cloth dipped in the mixed soda water. The stain will go away.


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Doors and Windows are the most easily dirty place in the home, aluminum Windows because of oxidation and rust, you can use a knife to gently scrape the aluminum rust, and then clean with soap and water, dry with a cloth, after playing wax oil with a dry cloth polish, you can be smooth as new.


The material color of the curtain is various, when cleaning, we must pay attention to what can not be washed with water, which can be washed with water, the best way is to send these to a special cleaning, cleaning will choose to clean according to the texture, and finally even ironed dry, as new.

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