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I am a correspondence undergraduate, can I take the public institution

2018-05-06 11:12:30

Correspondence undergraduate degree can be admitted to the career establishment. China's establishment units are mainly divided into administrative establishment, institution establishment, bank establishment and public welfare posts, candidates with adult college entrance examination correspondence undergraduate diploma can apply. As long as public institutions are organized by state organs or other organizations using state-owned assets for social welfare purposes, including public institutions whose funding sources are mainly funded by financial allocation, partly supported by financial support, and funds are self-financing, they shall implement the post setting management in accordance with the "Trial Measures" and these implementation Opinions. In addition, applicants for the post of people's police in the judicial system must participate in and pass the physical fitness test prescribed by the Ministry of Justice. Applicants for township civil servant positions must have the city's household registration, or have a master's degree or above, and hold a local residence permit for more than one year (still within the validity period), and reach the standard score of 120 points or more. Staff posts should generally have a technical secondary school or above, of which staff posts above grade 6 should generally have a college degree or above, and staff posts above grade 4 should generally have a college degree or above.