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In 2017, the post-90s generation are wearing these styles

2018-03-18 14:24:50

Below to share with you a group of 2017 male hair short hair, it is said that after 90 are cutting these styles oh, so I hope that men do not miss, popular and fashionable show young, worthy of everyone's choice.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


In short hair in short hair is not only favored by girls, many boys are also very favored it, like this the forehead hair picked into the middle, three-dimensional features more refreshing temperament, change the hair color immediately fashion!


Dull green linen short hair boys want to become fashionable is actually very simple, this dull green linen can help you temperament outstanding, this hair color not only makes the shape more attractive, but also appears white, walking in the crowd can also easily stand out


Simple short hair simple boys short hair is also super nice, natural black hair color makes boys look very small fresh meat, wearing a T-shirt times show makeup temperament, very suitable for young boys to choose.


Thirty-seven points short hair thirty-seven points design of short hair is a common hairstyle for boys, and can reveal a fresh forehead, hair volume on the side of the design of a fluffy arc can make the shape look fuller.


Two sides shovel short hair both sides shovel short hair is a very popular in the past two years, the two sides of the hair shaved fresh and can show the side of the face, with short hair can immediately increase the handsome feeling.


This is a handsome male hair style, using heavy bangs to create a stylish and handsome, the top of the fluffy feeling adds to the style of fashion and personality.