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In-depth analysis and comparison: MAKA Enterprise edition is worth buying

2018-04-02 11:12:49

When it comes to H5 marketing, I believe many companies are flocking to it. In the era when everyone has and everyone is the traffic master, H5 promotion is the main way to publicize the business. There are more and more H5 platforms, and it has been a problem for enterprise users to choose which platform, usually the designer is used to which platform or the leader likes which platform, and the enterprise chooses that platform. This article is written for the basic blank in the H5 field and the leadership to the task of understanding the difference between free and paid relatives, I hope to help you quickly understand. Evaluation background: 1. I am an H5 designer with 1 year's experience and have been self-employed for nearly 2 years. 2. Platform selection: The first H5 customized MAKA in 2015, one year on the MAKA platform. I bought a template, sold a template, and finally bought a corporate paid version this year. 3. Voice of doubt: Why pay when you can design your own templates? My own is not very big, a few thousand is not a small number. Detailed explanation: MAKA let me complete the first H5 custom order, but also let my H5 orders come one after another, I have not considered buying the paid version, knowing that a big customer needs to unify the brand image, can not appear other brand LOGO, I bought 4999 yuan/year MAKA enterprise standard edition, can not think of value for money. (The following features are the experience of using this version)


Free edition MAKA editor


Enterprise Edition MAKA editor

First, editor function

The most frequently used functions such as: forms, maps, relays, sweepstakes, tests, games, etc., are mostly free to use. The new online lottery function is a relatively good function for marketing promotion that requires a lot of communication, and the interactive effect is excellent.


In addition, you can set the bottom menu bar. This menu, similar to the public number platform, can be set to jump to a specific page, which has a certain role in promoting the transformation or diversion of enterprises to their own pages, and can also make the page more hierarchical.

Second, value-added functions

1. To LOGO - pay attention to the brand effect of the enterprise should have the function. As we all know, at present, all H5 platforms will add their own ads at the end of the work, which requires a paid upgrade to remove, which is also their way of making money. MAKA is relatively conscientious in this regard, and only one logo appears in the entire work. In fact, many customers encountered by Xiaobian will not care whether the work has a logo, but some are very focused on the brand image, do not want to let people know that their work is made by MAKA, in addition, Xiaobian has done a lot of professional conference invitations, but also because these customers strongly require the removal of the logo, to buy the enterprise version. The 30,000 logo removals it offers per month is enough for most uses.


2. Data analysis - essential function of enterprise self-marketing. After the release of H5, we need to evaluate the promotion results through the feedback data, and use the data to improve the next marketing. On the personal version, the data that users can see are a few simple data such as the number of visits, the number of visitors, the number of shares, the time spent on the page, etc. Honestly, these data can basically only let you know the popularity of the work, and can not play a big role in marketing guidance. In the background of the enterprise version, two dimensions of data are added: one is communication analysis: including "pv, uv, sharing trend" and "communication level" are presented in the form of charts, the role is to control the rhythm of communication, know how the work is spread, and find some key communication users.


The second dimension is visitor analysis: including "internal communication sources" and "device distribution and regional distribution" In fact, Xiaobian can not understand the use of "brand distribution" in the end. I once heard a customer say that this data can determine whether there are more high-end users or low-end users.


In addition, there are some features that may not be so important, such as the subaccount function that the personal version does not have. The material in the sub-account can be shared, but it is very convenient for those like us who have several designers working together. Having said so much, what you are most concerned about should be the price, here I will not introduce more, so as not to have the suspicion of advertising, you can go to the official website to see.

Iii. Comparison and summary

To logo and data analysis is just needed by the enterprise, the other functions of the enterprise version are also more practical, and corporate friends who want to use H5 for marketing for a long time can consider buying.


As for cost performance, for me, I help customers do marketing twice a month, buy a standard version for a year, and the average cost is 208 yuan each time, which is within the range of affordability.


If we can let Party A buy it, we can also save this part of the cost, in addition, we can also bind into the opposite sub-account.

Matters needing attention

Yesterday, I just received an email from them to the old users. Recently, they are engaged in a promotional activity. It seems to be 88% discount and send 12 templates, which is very cost-effective. Don't buy too soon, enjoy too soon.