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Indonesia travel complete guide

2018-03-19 22:24:00

Indonesia, referred to as Indonesia, is one of the Southeast Asian countries. It consists of tens of thousands of islands, is the world's largest archipelagic country, the territory across Asia and Oceania, known as the "Thousand island country". Indonesia is rich in tourism, the famous tourist attractions are Bali, Bintan Island, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and so on.

Travel information

Best time to visit: June to September.


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Surrounding map information.


Recommended duration: 4-6 days.

Scenic spot recommendation

Bali, Indonesia tourism choice, paradise on earth deserves the name, in the Bali air filled with the beauty of heaven, smell does not have to float the word "paradise", but always let people feel the existence of heaven on earth, intoxicated in this, enjoy the sun, waves, beaches, breeze, surfing entertainment, give the heart a rest. The main attractions include Nusa Dua Beach, Sea Temple, Jimbaran, Kuta Beach, Ayong River and other attractions.


Jogyakarta/Yogya/Jogja Yogyakarta is the birthplace of Javanese culture and art, with developed literature and dance, numerous reliefs and statues, and numerous universities, the most famous National Mada University, which is the earliest thammasat university in Indonesia. Attractions such as Mount Morabi, Borobudur and Bannan are worth visiting.


Jakarta is a modern and traditional fusion of the city, see the mosque ruins believers piety shock, see the charm of modern high-rise buildings and gorgeous night scenery. Tourist attractions include the Grand Mosque, the Central Museum, Independence Square, etc.


Java Island (Java) is located in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and the ocean between Indonesia, is a 18,108 large and small islands composed of the "land of ten thousand islands", Java Island is the fourth largest island among the ten thousand islands. The natural environment here is unique, the four seasons temperature is comfortable and pleasant, is a good choice for tourism control.


Due to its geographical location close to the equator, Bintan Island enjoys year-round sunshine and an average temperature of around 26 degrees throughout the year. The sand, the sun, the waves, the sky and the water were clear and blue. Enjoy the peace of mind, the strength of love, the love of people and the escape of vacation, life is so, not in vain.


In addition to the above attractions that make people linger and indulge in them, Indonesia also has, Bandung, Lombok, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua and other attractions that are worth watching and visiting.