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Introduction of non-high pressure oxygen production method at zero good point of hypoxia

2018-04-10 12:48:23

In our game life, how to operate the small problem of the above title, Xiaobian is here today to share a little of my experience to increase our game experience, and hope to help you.


It has been experimentally verified for 20 weeks. After stable operation, the average surplus electricity per cycle is 35 to 50 kilojoules. The lower four radishes output oxygen at 21 ° C, and the lower five output oxygen at 17 ° C. Now there is a problem, is that if you can not continue to output oxygen, energy can not be self-sustaining. Automated controls are still being developed. Finally no high voltage can also be zero power consumption.


Electrolytic water is at full power most of the time with occasional 1/3 and 2/3 power. The mixed-gas pump is working at full power, pumping 100 grams of hydrogen, so the next is 900 grams of oxygen (if there is so much oxygen).


The problem was with the merged tracks, and the merged tracks couldn't handle 1Kg per second. Even the cheek pump won't get the electrolyzer running at full power, so there's waste.


Measured daily surplus 35 kilojoules, if the machine full power, should be more than 48 kilojoules, visible waste of 13 kilojoules, about 21W power. At full power of 480 kilojoules, the engine ran out of fuel 2.7% of the time. As a result, the electrolyser operates at 86.9%, which is 39.4% of the time and 2/3 of the power.


The principle is that when the outlet is connected in series on the road, the nearest one is preferred. So let's see if the first exit is full. When full, it causes a rise in air pressure in the small space, which triggers subsequent action. A barometer set above a certain value is true. Make the delay as large as possible, or it may not be self-sustaining.


And then I remember reading somewhere that in transformer series, the first transformer is supplied first. However, the fact is that there is electricity, so a similar way of testing the battery is not feasible. Unfortunately, I completed the huge power automatic control circuit first.

Matters needing attention

The above is the key to how to operate, if you feel that this experience is helpful to you, please click on the bottom or the upper right corner of the "thumb" or share or "pay attention to TA" to give me a little support. You can also express your views below. (Without consent, or copying.)


Play time should not be excessive, it will be harmful to health.