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Introduction to the working principle of water dispenser

2018-03-04 19:12:00

There are three types of our common water dispenser, warm water dispenser, semiconductor direct cold and hot water dispenser, compression cooling water dispenser, different types of water dispenser its working principle is also slightly different. Today, Dow mainly provides the working principle of compressed refrigerated water dispensers. Why compression refrigerated water dispenser? Because the compression refrigeration water dispenser is better than the ordinary semiconductor cold and hot water dispenser, that is to say, more people choose the compression refrigeration water dispenser. This is because the quality of the compressed refrigeration drinking machine is better, the service life is longer, and the drinking water quality is more guaranteed. Below, let's introduce the working principle of the water dispenser: the working principle of the water dispenser refrigeration 1. Press the refrigeration switch, the power is on, the refrigeration green light is on, and the compressor starts to run. 2. The operation of the compressor can draw back the refrigerant vapor that has been absorbed and vaporized in the evaporator, and compress it together into high temperature and high pressure gas, which is sent to the condenser. 3. Refrigerant steam is cooled to the outside world through the condenser to form condensation into high-pressure liquid. The condensed liquid then flows into the evaporator through the pressure reduction of the capillary flow to absorb the heat of the cold bile. The heat absorbed is the normal temperature hydropower heat, so that the water temperature gradually decreases. The refrigerant liquid is then sucked back by the compressor. 4. The above is a complete cooling process, but generally this process is a continuous cycle to truly achieve the purpose of cooling. 5. When the water temperature drops to the set temperature over time, the refrigeration thermostat contact is disconnected, the refrigeration green light is off, the compressor stops, and the heat preservation condition is transferred. 6. After power off, the water temperature gradually rises, when it rises to the set temperature, the contact action of the cooling thermostat is closed, the green indicator of the power supply is on, and the compressor runs. In this way, the water temperature is controlled between 4-12 ° C. 1. Press the heating switch, switch on the power supply, the heating circuit is connected, the red heating indicator light is lit, and the electric heating is heated. 2. When the water temperature rises to the set temperature, the thermostat automatically resets and automatically cuts off the power supply, the red heating indicator is extinguished, and the heat preservation condition is transferred. 3. After power off, the water temperature gradually drops, when it drops to the set temperature, the thermostat contact action closes, the power is switched on, the red heating indicator lights up, and the electric heating heats up again. 4. According to the above heating method, the water cooler can control the water temperature between 85-95 ° C. There is generally a temperature insurance control device in the cooling water dispenser, which can play a protective role according to temperature changes. When the circuit is in a state of overheating, the protection device will automatically fuse or disconnect the circuit when overloaded, playing a role in safety protection. Which brand of water dispenser is better? Choosing a well-known brand of water dispenser can not only ensure the quality of after-sales warranty and maintenance service, but also ensure the daily cleaning work and daily drinking water health.