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Is it safe to use electric water heaters in winter?

2018-04-22 06:24:37

With the arrival of the deep winter, the electric water heater has become the peak of use. Many people in the process of using the water heater will feedback a number of problems, such as boiling water too slow, hot water supply is insufficient, electricity consumption is too large, after taking a bath itch and so on. Since the electric water heater is a household appliance that we come into contact with daily, it is important to use the electric water heater safely. Then from the purchase of water heaters to the installation of what problems need to pay attention to, the following small series of solar water heaters at home as an example to slowly explain: solar water heater purchase should pay attention to seven problems: 1, the key component of the household solar water heater is all-glass vacuum solar heat collection (referred to as vacuum), the quality of the vacuum will directly affect the thermal performance of the entire household solar water heater. When purchasing, you should carefully observe the coating on the glass wall in the vacuum, because of the differences in the production process of the raw materials used in each, the coating color will be different, generally black, dark blue or dark gray. Good quality coating, uniform color, film layer without scratches, no peeling and peeling phenomenon, there is no stone or nodular phenomenon on the glass, the steel support near the vacuum tip vacuum seal to support the inner glass is placed correctly and not loose. 2, the support design of the household solar water heater should be reasonable, and there should be enough strength and stiffness to ensure the normal load-bearing capacity. In some areas with large daily wind, especially in coastal areas, when purchasing household solar water heaters, attention should also be paid to whether the product has been designed for wind resistance, and the product should try to avoid installing reflectors. 3, in the purchase should also take into account the number of permanent residents at home to determine the size of the actual available water capacity of the purchased household solar water heater. Generally, the water standard of 40 to 50 liters of water/person is used to select products with appropriate capacity. In addition, in the purchase should consult the product marked water capacity refers to the theoretical total water capacity or the actual available water capacity. 4, if the purchase of household solar water heaters need to be equipped with auxiliary electric heating device, should choose a product with electrical safety design, and check that the electric heating device should have CCC safety certification mark. 5, the purchase of other related accessories, such as automatic water device, water temperature and water level display instrument, solenoid valve should be careful, some product components too many, reliability is not high, a long time is prone to failure to affect the use of users. When choosing, ask about the service life, warranty period and warranty conditions of each component and accessory. 6, try to buy products marked with energy efficiency grade, energy efficiency grade is a classification method to characterize the energy efficiency index of household solar water heating system, reach level 3, the product is allowed to be marketed; Level 2, indicating a medium energy efficiency rating; Level 1 indicates the highest energy efficiency rating. The energy efficiency rating is the most intuitive reference index for consumers to buy energy-saving domestic solar water heating systems. 7, home solar hot water system after-sales service is very important. It is best to choose dealers with well-known brand products and guaranteed after-sales service. Because the household solar hot water system is a durable consumer product, and is usually installed on the roof, once the failure occurs, it is difficult for users to solve it themselves, so the after-sales service must be guaranteed. At present, the free warranty period of the whole machine on the market is generally 3 to 5 years. The installation process should pay attention to three problems: 1, the most suitable place to install domestic solar water heaters on the building is the roof plane, followed by the larger south-facing terrace. No matter where it is installed, the building structure should be able to carry the weight of the household solar water heater after it is filled with water; When installing, there should be windproof, anti-toppling, anti-falling, anti-lightning and other measures to ensure that users can use it safely. 2, in the installation process should pay attention to check that the bracket should be firm and in place, all screws and joints should be tightened, the installation position is reasonable, the product itself should have reinforcement measures and so on. In addition, check devices must be installed in the upper waterway to prevent hot water backflow and backpouring into the cold water channel to cause accidents. 3, because the domestic solar hot water system is installed in the outdoor, the use of time for a long time, the vacuum surface will be covered by dust, resulting in its heat absorption efficiency is reduced. Therefore, the vacuum of the hot water system should be cleaned regularly, especially in snowy areas in winter, and it needs to be cleaned in time after snow.