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Italy new tire import customs clearance agent.

2018-01-01 19:12:00
Imported goods: tires, car tires Main sources: Italy, Japan, Germany, the United States need information: CCC certificate Second-hand imports: prohibited declaration

Import process: the normal time of customs clearance is generally about 2 working days 1. Exchange of documents 2. Inspection 3. Customs declaration 4. Tax payment, inspection 5. Release


Domestic enterprises need to provide information: 1. (business license, entry and exit inspection and quarantine inspection enterprise record form, foreign business trade form) 2. Sign the declaration of electronic power of attorney (our company will initiate the commission during the declaration, the business unit can accept the electronic port system) 3. When the business unit and the receiving unit on the customs declaration are not the same company, an agency agreement is required. If the CFR declaration needs to provide insurance policy and premium invoice (relatively few transaction methods), FOB declaration needs to provide insurance policy and premium invoice and freight invoice (common transaction method), CIF does not need to provide freight and premium invoice (the most common transaction method).


Customs declaration information: 1. Packing list 2. Contract 3. Invoice 4. Bill of Lading 5. Declaration elements (the above information we will provide sample format) 6. Have tariff concessions to provide certificate of origin to enjoy tariff concessions 7, CCC compulsory certification