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Japan Osaka Kyoto travel guide

2018-03-30 03:12:23

While traveling to Osaka, you will not miss the food and cosmeceuticals, and you can not miss the matcha and anime mecca.






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While visiting Osaka, you will not miss the food, unlike Osaka yaki, octopus meatballs, there is a delicious, fun and good-looking place. The century-old Taikakuen is the residence of Baron Fujita Kenzaburo. At present, Taikakuen is not only used for weddings, but also for dining and chatting. Inside, there are top class Wagsuku, cafes, teppanyaki and French restaurants. The transportation is very convenient, from the JR East-West Line Osaka Akirakhi Station 3 out of the walk about 1 minute! It is worth mentioning that the autumn maple leaves are particularly beautiful, and each season has its own beauty!


Nara Park (which is very big, you can visit for a day or half a day, mainly Todaiji, Happiness Temple, if grass mountain, Ofa Tower, Haruhi Daisha, remember these few inside there are some temple attractions can visit), heart Saiqiao crab do music (because the day before too tired, Nara park six back to the heart Saiqiao to eat famous crab do music, to Japan this must eat, The heart of the bridge has two, the one by the river as long as the queue can be turned to, do not need to make an online appointment to the heart of the bridge commercial street, naturally is a place to buy to buy, of course, eat to eat can also be here. It's called eating and drinking.


Kinkakuji Temple (Matcha ice cream sold in the temple has a good reputation) - Fushimi Inaho Daisha - Chimoto Torii - Thirty-three Tendo - Temple - Three years Zaka


Then every year in November, it is the best time to go to Japan to feel the "maple" love, and when it comes to maple viewing, the most popular maple viewing mecca is Kyoto. Nara is good too. In addition, when visiting Kyoto, one must do is to stroll the streets in kimono.


The temple is arguably the biggest attraction in Kyoto. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can enter the temple at 6 am. In addition, the temple is also open at night, so you can also choose to go to the temple at night to enjoy the maple leaf style. The landlord shrine in the temple is dedicated to the god of marriage, and many young people can be seen worshiping there every day. They say it works


Visit Maple Name School 2: The most literary - Changshinguang Temple Visit Maple Name School 3: season limited beauty - Baoyan Yuan visit Maple Name School 4: Hidden treasure - Nanzen Temple


Nearby, there is a famous Kyoto beancurd coated dessert - "Sagao とうふ Inami (Saga Tofu rice)", decided to visit the Baoyan Yuan and Changshiguiji Temple maple friends should not miss oh. After tasting "Saga とうふ Inami" home snack, feel still not enough fun, you can also go to Kyoto's time-honored beancurd specialty -- "soup leaf に (soup leaf NI)", continue to taste the amazing delicious beancurd skin!


Compared to Osaka, Kyoto needs to be well played and slowly explored, which is the most worthwhile place in Japan.

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