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Japan with group travel guide

2018-02-15 12:48:00

Japan group tour Tips: On the first day, gather at the international airport on the same day, take a flight (or transfer) to Kansai Airport in Osaka, Japan, and return the wine after arrival.

Japan with group Tour Guide: Day 2

Attractions: Osaka Castle Park After breakfast visit the first stop Osaka Castle Park, Osaka Castle Park is widely planted a variety of trees, every flowering season is to enjoy cherry, plum resort, Horikishi can also see a family of young and old to watch the wild birds by the water.


Attractions: Shinsaibashi Shinsaibashi As Osaka's largest shopping district, Shinsaibashi was developed from the Shinsaibashi shopping district with arcade facilities. The slate-paved walkways, English-style street lights and the girding bars of the brick buildings are tasteful.


Attractions: Dotonbori Dotonbori Food Street is located near Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan, the most famous big crab sign is the symbol of Dotonbori Food Street, especially when the night comes, the flashing neon is attractive.


Attractions: Nara Park Nara Park is located on the east side of Nara City Street, where most of Nara's historic sites are located, such as Wako Mountain, Todaiji Temple, Haruhi Daisha, and National Museum. It is one of the pioneers of modern parks in Japan.


Attractions: Dongdaji Temple After lunch visit Dongdaji Temple, located in the provincial Xiaozhakou Shanghe West Street. Because the temple door is in the ancient west Bank, it is commonly known as "Shunda Temple".

Japan with a group tour guide: Day 3

Attractions: Nagoya Japan's "city" is the place where the Lord and his samurai live, is a show of its strength, several of the scale and architecture are more outstanding "city", has become an important monument in Japan, Nagoya City is one of them, and Nagoya City is one of the three cities in Japan.


The Osaka Hanshin Society is located at the end of Shitong Street in Kyoto City. It is the general headquarters of the Gion Society of Japan. It worships the god of eliminating evil and driving away evil spirits, and is deeply believed by the Japanese people.


Attractions: Gion Geisha Street Gion Geisha Street is the most representative bustling street in Kyoto, and if you are lucky, you can also catch a glimpse of the beautiful maiko and geisha here.

Japan Group Tour Guide: Day 4

Attractions: The park is full of Japanese garden-style gardens, and the garden flowers and flowers are full of Japanese characteristics. Its main tourist attraction is the Okinawa Prefecture Memorial Museum.


The shrine is one of the three major Inaga shrines in Japan and is famous for its worship of the good god who has blessed the prosperity of commerce. There are dolls selling Japanese heroes, chic and ingenious.


Attractions: Lake Lake is also known as the "end lake", "tail Lv lake". Lake and Honshu Lake, Jingjin Lake, and Yamanaka Lake are called Fuji Five Lakes, Yamanashi Prefecture at the northern foot of Mount Fuji.

Japan with group travel guide: Day 5

Attractions: Sensoji Temple Sensoji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo. Tokugawa Ieyasu, a general in the Edo period, designated this place as a place of prayer for the shogunate and a place of culture. Among them, the temple's zenith painting, the courtyard stands five towers and other scenic spots.


Attractions: Omotesando is now the most famous shopping resort in Tokyo, the charm is that some famous world brands or large clothing plazas are only located here, and many flagship of world famous brands are also set here.


Attractions: Tokyo Bay In Tokyo Bay to enjoy the beautiful view of Tokyo Bay, enjoy the setting sun scenery, the sea breeze blowing gently, the sun reflecting the gold on the sea, this is the most beautiful and charming moment of Tokyo Bay.