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Japanese multi-kyoya Chinese official website shopping guide

2018-05-25 01:36:00

Takyoya is a large and famous inexpensive department store with a long history in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1947, Takyoya has been serving consumers with the concept of "minimum benefit, customer interests first" since its establishment. It has been famous for its purple buildings for decades. The total building complex is currently composed of nine buildings near the Otomachi station, and a new "Takyoya SELECT Kameno" was opened in April 2014. Duoqing House affordable products, a complete range, covering beauty makeup, cosmeceuticals, daily necessities, health products, beauty slimming products, etc., especially as a gift of cosmetics, Japanese medicines, slimming products, nutrition and health products and other popular goods for tourists in Duoqing House can be one-stop purchase and provide customers with ultra-low prices, is a must go to Japan tourists shopping. Duoqing House Chinese official online shopping platform was officially opened on March 6, 2017, to provide goods direct mail to China services, all kinds of popular goods in Japan are sold, support online payment, order status can be checked, the international section of information is sent by Youbang, the section is delivered by delivery.


Users who need to register the site.


Place an order to pay attention to currency conversion, the current Chinese station commodity price display is yen, settlement with RMB.

I. Account creation (Registration)

1. Click Register on the homepage of the website to enter the registration page; 2. As long as you have your own personal email, fill in the nickname and password, you can easily register a new account.


After entering the registration page, enter your email, set your password, and re-confirm your password to register immediately


Email verification, after registration, your registered email will receive a verification email, click the verification link


Click on the verification link of the email to register successfully, Duoqing house welcome you!

Second, choose and buy goods

1. Search product brand, keyword or product code directly in the search bar; 2. The home page has subdivided product categories to choose from; 3. You can select the initial letter of the brand and search the brand directly; 4. Want to know best-selling products, new products, drop down the page to see product recommendations.

3. Add shopping cart

1. The product information, including the original price and the current price after discount, is displayed in Japanese yen; 2. Most of the products will have Chinese product introduction, convenient to understand the function of the product, precautions and so on; 3. Click Add to Cart to add items directly to cart.

4. Checkout cart & submit order

1. The shopping cart page will have detailed order information, including the name and quantity of the goods you buy. The quantity column can change the quantity of the goods; 2. In the product total, you can see [total price, freight, discount, tax]; 3. You can choose to use the coupon, check and click the checkout button;

5. Confirm the order

1. Fill in the delivery address, the recipient's real name and;


1. Fill in ID card [Required for customs clearance]


1. Select payment method. Currently, payment is supported

Sit and wait for the goods

1. The international section of the information is delivered by Youbang, and the section is delivered by Youbang. 2. You can check the details in my account, Order history, Order details page; 3. You can consult Chinese customer service if you have any questions during this process.

Matters needing attention

The price of the goods displayed on the website is yen, and the order is RMB, everyone pay attention to exchange rate changes.