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Jiuxian mountain Rime mountain travel guide

2018-03-17 09:36:36

Jiuxian Mountain is located in the northwest of the city and county, at the junction of Chishui Town, Shangyong Town, Daming Town, the main peak is 1658 meters above sea level, is an important tourist resort in ancient southern Fujian. In previous years, Jiuxian Mountain rime landscape attracted citizens from all over the city to Jiuxian Mountain, there has been a sudden increase in traffic on the downhill road. For those planning to go to the next rime, the trip should be well prepared.

Line navigation

1, drive, from the county to take S206 national road to the direction of National treasure Township, about 30 kilometers to turn to the left fork (there are signs on the side of the road), to Jiuxian Mountain, transfer to the battery car (20 minutes) to the mountain; Or directly take the Xiasha highway to reach the scenic spot. 2, no self-driving parents look over! Go to the station to take the shuttle bus to Shangyong, get off at the entrance of Jiuxianshan Road, walk one kilometer along the road to reach the scenic spot, still change the battery car (20 minutes) to the mountain; 3, go to Jiuxianshan to see the sunrise, if it is in the morning 4.30~ 6.30 in the morning time period to drive to Jiuxianshan, the car can be directly driven to the scenic area. PS: The originally opened county to Jiuxianshan tourist bus has been cancelled, cancelled, cancelled (important things to say three times)!

Put up

In Jiuxian Mountain overnight can choose to bring your own tent, but be sure to pay attention to warm! Jiuxianshan scenic area inside the wooden villa wine, each villa has four rooms, live in the wooden villa pro attention, with room card free admission oh!


There are restaurants on both hills and hills. Better have some dry food for the road. Local cuisine attracts tourists from all over the world with its green and healthy, and has become a characteristic tourism element sought after by people.

Admission ticket

1, the scenic spot ticket is 55 yuan/person; 2, the battery car in the scenic spot 20 yuan/person. 3, Jiuxianshan scenic parking parking service fee standard: (1) small cars (9 seats and below) : 5 yuan/car. Time (s); (2) Medium-sized car (10-19 seats) : 10 yuan/car. Time (s); (3) Large cars (20 seats and above) : 15 yuan/car. Time.

Travel guide

It takes about 3-4 hours to play the scenic spot completely, and you can also shorten the play path, almost 1-2 hours is also possible! Recommended attractions: Tianchi, Ling Vulture Rock Temple, Jiuxian Mountain weather station, the main peak foot five days, the treasure of the Tang Dynasty, etc.

Matters needing attention

Clothing: If the temperature is low in winter, prepare gloves, socks, scarves, masks, ear muffs and a thick coat for the cold. Wear non-slip shoes


Warm baby, filled with hot water thermos cup!


Sunglasses eye protection


Don't forget to keep your camera warm and protected from moisture.