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Kata Beach food Guide

2018-03-04 08:00:00

Kata Beach food Guide


Kata Beach from the beach, first of all talk about wine, may be because it is off-season, so we set the luxury villa room only 280, really second kill five stars.


It's a honeymoon. Context is important. It is said that Thailand check in at two or three o 'clock in the afternoon, but we arrived at eleven o 'clock in the morning, and the front desk was very good to let us check in. I cleaned up and went to kata Beach


Live up to its name. We paid 200 baht to rent a chaise lounge for an afternoon trip. A lot of foreigners, they look very exciting surfing. We'll play in the waves, we'll sleep, we'll eat on the street when we're hungry


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But the price here is really much more reasonable, not like the pit of Asia; And there are fewer water events. It's not as noisy. Rent a mat and an umbrella and lie down all afternoon.


Kata Beach less than a lot of people, a lot of clean, the beach is long, are mostly European and American. It is more suitable for swimming, the coastline is long, and the water is much clearer than the beach.


The sand here is very delicate, and you can also put Kongming lanterns here, 50 yuan a. On the beach, there are like food stalls with seafood, barbecued meat and so on.


You can grill some seafood here, and then rent a lounge chair, lie on the sun, eat delicious seafood, it is cozy. Moreover, Kata here can also surf and other activities yo, interested can go to try.