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KFC treats are easy to make -- Grilled wings in Orleans

2018-03-21 22:25:00

Don't like children's shoes with Orleans-baked wings Show me a paw? Probably not many! Don't think this thing is difficult, in fact, to make your own, extremely simple. You don't even need an oven, you can cook it in the microwave, and the secret is Orleans roast chicken powder. Every time I want to take a picture, there is no lettuce at the bottom of the home, and I can only pick wildflowers and weeds on the roadside, which seems to have a good effect. Remember the morning before work the day before yesterday, mommy said: Do you seem to have fried lettuce recently and don't like to eat it? I said: actually lettuce can be eaten raw ah. Mommy then came to the sentence: Then I help you wash a few pieces with it!

Food ingredient

Chicken wings in appropriate amount


Roast chicken powder appropriate


Several middle wings, wash, use a knife on the surface, more flavor when pickled.


This time, I'm using a very mez Orlian chicken powder, which is measured according to the amount of chicken. Basically: Raw materials: Roast chicken powder: Water: = 100:7:7 1 middle wing is about 40 grams, 10 middle wings is 400 grams, that needs 28 grams of water, 28 grams of roast chicken powder


Mix the roast chicken powder with water in the portion ratio.


Place the wings in a plastic bag, double to prevent leakage, and pour in the liquid from the roast chicken powder.


Tie the bag, knead each chicken wing, massage it, put it in the refrigerator for half a day to make it taste. I usually cook it at night and bake it the next day, giving it a night to taste. Generally, the degree of flavor is directly proportional to the curing time.


Preheat the oven to 210°, line the baking sheet with tin foil, I usually cover with two layers, and bake for 10min


Remove, turn over and bake for another 10min


It's better when it's hot

Matters needing attention

This kind of snacks, children often eat too much, try to eat as little as possible, first of all, the chicken can not guarantee that it is not hormone feeding; Secondly, the color and ingredients of the roast chicken powder can be seen as many additives, so everyone knows...


Roasted chicken powder has been used in the Jimezi and cook100, overall, the taste difference is not big, do not struggle.


Step 6 Start, no oven children's shoes, put them on the plate, microwave on high heat, 3 minutes and then turn over 3 minutes, done! Simple cut? !