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King Glory Master Ranking Guide

2018-05-06 09:36:12

The ranking of the mage, the list details the current version of the game that the mage is the most powerful. I hope this wizard leaderboard experience can help the players who are playing this game.



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2. Luna. Luna, who was previously positioned as an assassin, is now a mage, but still powerful. The hero of the high end. Once Luna survives Level 4, a powerful Assassin wizard is born. However, Luna's biggest tragedy is that the big trick does not refresh the loophole has always existed. It's prone to bugs that keep Luna from getting back and forth.


3. Diao Cicada. With the update of the version, Diao Chan has changed from a violent appearance to a half-flesh appearance. However, such a show still can not stop the violence of Diao Cicada. You should know that the group battle after the Diao Chan big move to start the multi-stage damage is still very fierce.


4. Wu Zetian. With the strengthening of the mage, Wu Zetian, the hero, also reappeared in the Jianghu, and the big move of full picture control allowed her to support the group battle no matter where she was. His biggest weakness, however, is the difficulty of obtaining it.


5. Mozi. Although Mozi is a tank, he is also a master. Because everyone's most mainstream is the output of the legal system! Such Mozi hurt the big Bang in the later period. That's what the legendary Ink cannon was talking about.

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