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Knife Girl's merciless killing.

2018-05-08 00:00:24

Will of the Blade -- Areelia.


Passivity: Ionia enthusiasm. Nearby enemy heroes can control the duration of the control effect on Kensei, which means that the more enemy heroes nearby, the shorter the control duration.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


W Skill: Flying posture. When opening W, knife sister's flat A will restore blood, and W can give himself a mouthful of milk in a single fight.


E Skill: Balanced strike. Knife sister causes the enemy to slow down, when the opponent's health is higher than their own, causing vertigo.


R Skill: Supreme Edge. Knife Sister's big move can throw four blades at enemies, dealing physical damage, and can restore health. But knife sister big recruit Yuyao forecast, otherwise it is easy to empty big.


Skill points: main Q and vice W have big points. However, it is also possible to change the main QWE interpoint based on the line hero.


Summoner ability: Flash + Teleport. Most of the S5 orders will choose flash + transfer, after all, this is a team game, in the regiment war can support friendly forces in time, can better win.


Wear: Triplet, Broken, Ninja feet or Quicksilver shoes, Langton, Dead Board armor, Chunko armor or Straker challenge Gauntlet. It has to be said that S5 in addition to a lot of new equipment, the dead plate armor and challenge hand are very suitable for knife sister, can bring considerable blood, now, most of the single is to take half the meat route, in the group battle can absorb more damage, to their own C to create an output environment.


Line skills: Knife sister go out with most of the crystal bottle + three medicine. Can increase the battery life of the knife sister online in the early stage, after all, the knife sister is still very weak in the early stage, only rely on the early stage, to the middle and late stage can be TP everywhere to catch people. Encounter a strong online hero, in the early stage of the last coward, call the wild father to help themselves GANK, or shrink the tower under the obscene repair knife, to ensure their own development is the most important.


Group battle: Before the group war, you can choose to take a route, push off the opposite tower, and find that the group war is going to start when TP used to participate in the group battle. Using their Q skills to cut the opposite crispy skin, seconds off the group war basically moved closer to victory. Knife sister in the regiment war is the front row, so the meat is very important, there is no blood, there is no way to output.


Q tips: When you are chasing after the opposite side of the residual blood, find that your distance is not enough, you can use your Q skills to Q the enemy's residual blood soldiers, Q skills will immediately refresh, you can use the small soldiers to do a springboard Q to the enemy residual blood heroes.