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Kobe Energy City. What's that about

2018-03-13 11:12:42

Kobe Energy City meme: This is actually a way to remember Kobe Bryant, after the stitching of the video content has a new work: Have you seen the energy city at 4:00 in the morning? The original source of the Energy city is a city in the animated film The Adventures of Lolo. Later, according to the creators of Station B, the same culture was called "rebirth ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ in the City of Energy", in which the tornado in the animated Lolo adventure was used as Kobe. Everyone knows the classic joke pose about Kobe Bryant: Have you ever seen Los Angeles at 4:00 in the morning? It is also at this point in time that Kobe Bryant left this world forever because of the crash, so every time we mention this time, we can think of him. Other references to Kobe are: Kobe Tornado. This is from an article written by the Good Observer of the UP Master on Station B called Reborn in the City of Energy. Because Kobe died in a helicopter accident, the article referred to the tornado in Lolo's Adventures as Kobe. The article will be written by Kobe as a helicopter soldier, netizens also made a meme after reading the article, that is, Kobe tornado. In fact, this is also a way to miss Kobe, although the form is not the same, but still very moving. Its meaning: 1, Kobe tornado is a way of remembering Kobe, that is, Kobe is just a change of existence in other worlds to accompany everyone. 2, at present everyone has started to play the meme, similar words I was woken up that morning, my brothers told me: brother, Kobe left. I subconsciously opened directly to scold: what the hell are you talking about, Kobe is only 41 years old, and no serious illness, you are not a tm fever brain burned. He was silent for a while, then cried and said: Kobe he really left ah, the Internet has gone crazy, the news has also reported. Hung up I went to search the Internet, but not which news are familiar with Kobe died because of a plane accident, I dare not look again, closed lying in bed in a daze, Kobe the classic scene emerged in front of my eyes. 3, whether it is the first show to defeat the blue leopard beast to avenge the elder of the energy city, or the king of the Tiger is not accustomed to the fatal blow for the golden iron beast. Or the single tiger king was defeated by 30% of the power, the grand finale and the brothers supersonic hit the stunts with the dragon dance heavy dragon God, etc., I am not a Kobe fan, but his spirit of never giving up has been deeply affected me.