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Kyoto homestay guide

2018-03-30 09:36:46

Xiao Bian brings you Kyoto homestay guide





Among the cities in Japan, the most favorite is Kyoto, with people feel that Kyoto is ancient and modern, and it is a better city than Tokyo and Osaka to travel and experience Japanese culture. A very important factor in choosing accommodation is the convenience of play. Kyoto is a historical and cultural city, with 80% of Japan's historic sites. In order to protect so many cultural sites, the city has built less subways, and the main transportation is bus. Kyoto city itself is not very big, the bus extends in all directions, ten minutes in general, most of the attractions, landmarks can be reached, so as long as there is a bus station in Kyoto, travel is quite convenient.


Talking about the accommodation in Kyoto, one of the biggest features of Kyoto is the shrines, temples, various monuments, in this city can experience the most authentic and traditional Japanese culture. Of course, when it comes to accommodation, the first thing to be promoted here is the traditional Japanese homestay. There are beautiful courtyards, elegant decoration, clean tatami MATS, women wearing Japanese kimonos, authentic Japanese materials made by themselves and other elements are more able to reflect traditional Japanese culture.


Although the platform for booking Kyoto homestays is mainly wine, but now also shelves a small number of Japanese homestays, and occasionally you can book satisfied. Free guest is the local professional guest booking platform, specializing in Taiwan, Japan, mainland homestay website, there are thousands of Japanese homestays above, covering Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Dao and other Japanese cities, many have not heard of Japanese homestays above, there is a large choice of space.


Close to JR Kyoto Station (just a 3-minute walk away), this is an excellent value for money accommodation. The house is a wooden 2-story traditional Japanese hotel, the outside looks like a small red villa, walk a few areas will find inside the sky, a variety of configurations are very complete, but also traditional and room. There are 14 traditional Japanese rooms upstairs and downstairs, and most of them have their own bathroom and toilet. Rooms are per head, and prices vary depending on the number of people staying


A very authentic traditional Japanese home in Kyoto, from Kyoto station by bus 206 can be direct, the landlord is a middle-aged lady, very friendly, very gentle, after the arrival of matcha and snacks, very careful. The room is very large and spacious room, sleeping is tatami, very feel. Open the window and you can see the courtyard on the first floor. In addition, breakfast is also provided here in the morning, home-cooked breakfast, can eat this original Japanese food, worth the trip.

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