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Lake summer self-help tour guide

2018-04-04 11:12:22

Every July, when the coastal areas are already hot, the northwest spring quietly staged. In the lake area, a large area of mountains wear a fresh yellow coat, a piece of rapeseed flower fields blooming, looking at the eyes of the bright yellow, different from the town's beauty, the spectacular degree of rapeseed flower fields here let every visitor is amazed. Try to close your eyes to daydream, in front of a large bright yellow rape flowers foil the blue sky, herds of cattle and sheep on the grassland, even the heart can not help but want to run. As we get closer to the lake, the road becomes busy, with flocks of yaks and sheep strolling in the sun, sometimes running and sometimes stopping, even though drivers honk their horns incessantly to interrupt their lazy hours. As people wait helplessly for the car to pass, your eyes will suddenly appear an unexpected blue. The blue of the lake is so quiet and intoxicating. Traffic from the departure, bus station has shuttle bus to the lake, parking stations are different, respectively, the black horse River, 151 base and bird Island and so on. The price is charged according to the distance of each station, roughly 30-50 yuan, if you want to make the journey more comfortable, you can go in the chartered car, the price is roughly 400 yuan a day. Secondly, the shuttle bus from Golmud also passes through the lake. Hotel near the lake, but the accommodation conditions are not very good. A 50-minute drive from Heima River town, there is Bird Island Hotel, a double room with bathroom 40 yuan/person, still fairly clean. 15 km further from the hotel are two sightseeing points: the beach and Bird Island. Travel to the lake area generally stay in the bird Island hotel, you can also bring your own tent at the lake overnight. Bird Island Hotel price standard room 168 yuan/day, the environment is general, there are other hotels around, three rooms 15 yuan a bed. The local Lake Tent Guesthouse is a 2 star guesthouse. Check out Youbibi Travel to book more cheap drinks. It is 30-50 km away from Riyue Mountain. Room type: Yurts 280 yuan/room; Class A double standard room 240 yuan; The 160 yuan standard room has no bathroom; In addition, there are three rooms for 90 yuan, four rooms for 80 yuan, both public health. There are also some tent hotels run by locals near Bird Island, which are actually a few beds in the tent and provide simple meals. Fee Lake ticket season 100 yuan, April 15 to October 15; The low season is 50 yuan, from October 16 to April 14 of the following year. Take a cruise 45 yuan, can not take a boat in winter. Sun Moon Mountain ticket 25 yuan; Beach admission is 22 yuan; Bird Island ticket about 100 yuan. Sand Island about 100 yuan. Lake bird Island near the local Tibetan people run the tent hotel, which can taste simple Tibetan meals, such as lamb chops, black sausage, zanba, etc., the first taste may not adapt, so it is best to bring water and food. Huangshui is a species unique to the lake. In recent years, due to the geological and ecological changes and a large number of predation, the Huangshui fish is facing the danger of depletion, and the local government has ordered the Huangshui fish to be banned. At the same time, the fisheries administration also signed an agreement with restaurants and restaurants around the lake "prohibiting the sale of Huangshui fish and its products". If someone tries to sell you Huang fish at the lake, it must be illegal gains. Please pay attention. Butter tea is not suitable for mainlanders stomach, can not eat more. The retort cake, a kind of sweet cake made of glutinous rice and red dates, is a traditional breakfast food in Guanzhong area. Its characteristics are: jujube fragrant, soft waxy sticky sweet. Moreover, jujube also has the effect of nourishing qi and blood and kidney, and is a kind of nourishing food. In addition, many tourists will be very impressed by a unique type of roast meat called "Kebab". This is a style of kebabs that are cooked half cooked, then brushed with sauce and grilled over charcoal. This practice is actually Turkish Kebab, and even the word kebab is derived from Turkish. Menyuan rapeseed Flower Festival in July is a paradise on earth, 600,000 mu of rapeseed flowers formed a hundred miles of rapeseed flowers achieved a broad and magnificent unique spectacle. Under the backdrop of the blue sky, the endless golden appears unusually gorgeous and magnificent, which makes people sigh with regret. Time: Every July Location: Menyuan County, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture It is the world's highest altitude international road cycling race. The design of the race route is based on the lake with vast blue waves and bird wings like clouds, and extends to the surrounding areas, and the natural scenery along the way is magnificent and charming. Time: July to August every year Location: Lake Round Lake Bird Island: also known as small or egg island (because of the name of bird eggs everywhere). Located 4 kilometers north of Buha, the island's east head is large, the west head is narrow and long, shaped like a tadpole, with a total length of 1,500 meters, and after 1978, the north, west and south sides of the lake bottom exposed and connected with the land. The slope of Bird Island is gentle, the surface is covered by sand and rocks, and there are several springs on the southwest side of the island. The main plants are greenwort bifid, white chenopodium, ice grass, falciformis oxytropis, Polygonum sibirica, Kobresia, bluegrass and so on. Bird Island is a unique breeding place for birds in Asia, and is the first of China's eight bird reserves. It is an important place for the province to open to the outside world. According to, every year from March to April, geese, ducks, cranes, gulls and other migrating birds from the south come to the lake and start nesting. From May to June, the eggs are everywhere, and the young birds are in groups, lively and noisy. At this time, there are more than 30 kinds of birds on the island, the number of more than 165,000; From July to August, the autumn air is cool, birds soar in the blue sky and swim on the lake; The south migration began at the end of September. In order to protect the birds for people to watch, the local construction in 1986, a hidden way, bunker, lookout and other facilities for visitors to watch, etc., there are roads to Bird Island from the north to the south. Menyuan rapeseed base: Youbibi tourism information shows that Menyuan County is located in the north of the north of the birthplace of small rape, is even the world's largest small rape planting area, planting area of 500,000 mu. In the past, rape here was only used as a crop, and the outside world called it "the door source oil, the world flow". Now Menyuan, has become a tourist resort, in addition to the Gangshika snow peak, Xianmi National Forest Park and other top tourism, the part is the mountain, Dasan Mountain white snow surrounded by a "golden basin", the basin east-west Changchuan is a very rich plateau characteristics of the idyllic scenery area. From the beginning of July every year, rapeseed flowers here into the blooming season, flowering time is July 5 to 25, the best flowering period is July 10 to 20. Chaka: Chaka is different from others in that it is a brine lake with solid and liquid coexistence, embedded in the snowy mountains and grasslands rather than the Gobi desert. The water is wide and silver shimmering. The sky is long, the distant Cangshan lofty, blue sky, snow mountain reflected in the lake, as picturesque. All around the grass like grass, sheep like pearls. Walking on the lake is like entering the world of salt. Here, you can take a small train to go sightseeing in the lake, you can watch the magnificent scene of the modern large salt-collecting ship spraying water and swallowing pearls when collecting salt, you can enjoy the gorgeous picture of sunrise and sunset, you can look through the clear lake, enjoy the vivid salt flowers of different shapes and growing, and explore the mystery of the lake bottom world. You can also enjoy the wonder of rolling salt waves left on the lake after high tide. Chaka enjoys a high reputation in the international tourism circle and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau scenery tour for its production and tourism. It is named as the "four great sceneries" with the same name as Tar Temple, Lake and Mengda Tianchi.