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LCD advertising screen selection skills

2018-04-20 00:00:11

LCD advertising screen mainly has the advantages of strong visual impact, long release time, high coverage rate, large information capacity, and good communication effect, which has been loved by many users, so everyone wants to buy a LCD advertising screen to use, the product types of LCD advertising screen are also extremely diverse, and many friends who do not know much about LCD advertising screens may easily enter the wrong area when choosing. So, how to buy LCD advertising screen?


LCD advertising screen


For the hardware products of the LCD advertising screen, the user must first consider the application environment of the LCD advertising screen, including the time the audience stays in front of the LCD advertising screen system, indoor or outdoor, the height of the allowed installation, the size and shape of the allowed installation, whether the environment allows to play sound, and whether the application site can be networked. Users in the purchase of the main attention is the size, to fully consider their own application, do not blindly pursue a large screen, in order to avoid unnecessary waste. In general, the running time of advertising screen players is very long, and its stability is directly related to the playing effect, therefore, users in the purchase of products, stability has become the primary consideration.


Be sure to carefully observe the screen for bright spots and dark spots before buying. You can look for dark spots in the white screen, and look for bright spots in the black screen, although many products claim that their products have "no bad spots", but the evaluation of the bad point standards are different, how long did the product use bad spots to be considered as product defects? Or is it more than a few points? These evaluation criteria should be asked clearly, so as not to damage the rights and interests. Generally high-quality LCD advertising screens have strict control over the number of bad points, in addition, it is best to reach an agreement with the business before paying for bad points and write it into the contract.


In the commodity society, price is often the most concerned by consumers, especially in the increasingly homogenized commercial market, price is the only weapon for brands to compete with each other, so consumers pay special attention to the price of products when purchasing commercial products. The large screen is naturally much more expensive than the small screen, and the new LCD screen and the second-hand screen have a price gap of several hundred yuan, which is not visible when buying the product, and must be understood after a period of product use. In terms of material, LED screen brightness is higher than LCD, display effect is good, of course, the price will be more expensive.