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Lean leg yoga for weight loss

2018-05-08 04:48:22

Women with attractive, sexy legs often have more common magic. In addition, how to slim legs has become the most concerned issue for many men. Above to introduce yourself to one of the best thin leg yoga, hoping to play a better thin leg effect. Lean leg yoga weight loss method half pinhead embellishment calf,


Feature utility: Swollen and fat raphani leg, it is very difficult to thin up. Half needle tip is the ineffective measure of kimono, not only embellish the calf line, comfort the lower body lymph repetition, but also prevent leg cramps, improve left knee flatness, and increase the probability of left knee blue infarction.


Spread your legs hip-width apart, hold your shoulders tightly open, and hold your hands vertically at your sides.


The heel of the left foot is absolutely in, the tip of the needle is lifted, the knees are turned over to both sides too much, the inspiration figure stands straight, the two thumbs of the hands are interlocked with the thumb, and the artificial deep breathing is 3-5 seconds.


Inhale, raise your left hand, put it on your chest, exhale, hold it tight, inhale again, raise your right hand and put the top of your head on hold, feel the tip of the needle has a strong force feeling. This set of exercises can train the flexibility of our needles and ankles.


Inhale, lift your legs and curl them. Push forward with palms together. Exhale so that your thighs are too parallel to the sky.


Hold your hands on the ground, place your right hand on the inside of your right foot, inhale, turn your left hand up, perpendicular to the sky, and look at the tip of your left finger for a few seconds.


From the beginning, Kim Gang sat down, knees hard, supported the hips and legs, and took a big step forward with his right foot. Spread your feet, put your toes back, and place your calves flat to your knees.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


The arms are gradually raised together with the palms of the back, the body is bent back, the arms are curled up, and the head is tilted back; Lift your hips and stretch forward with your knee just above your toes and your right foot flat on the ground with the back of your foot against the floor.

Matters needing attention

After the heel is absolutely in and half squatting, so that the calf is fully stressed, because the exercises must be repeated until the calf has a sore feeling that it is invalid!


Early Hongru need not make do with myself, just feel lost hamstring lost stretch can. Exercises can be performed 5 times a day, each time the realization of the stop for about 5 minutes, to pay attention to do measures 2 and 3, the knee does not snake.


It should be noted that the palm posture has not changed, the waist and crotch maintain this posture without moving, the knee has not been able to exceed the tip of the needle, and then change the side exercise when tired.