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Leather office furniture maintenance common sense

2018-04-09 19:12:13

Leather office furniture materials can be divided into environmental protection leather and leather, there are certain differences in price, but in order to long-term durability and beauty, there is common in maintenance and care, office furniture after-sales staff sorted out some matters that should be paid attention to in daily care.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


Avoid long-term sunlight exposure or hot objects such as fireplaces around, which will make the cortex discoloration and aging;


When using a rag to wipe the stain, do not use too much force, will wear the leather, soft wet towel can be used to wipe;


Do not use water to clean, it will penetrate into the seams of leather and wooden handrails, mildew will occur;


Many articles are specifically introduced to use care wax maintenance, the initial effect is OK, but the wax will block the pores of the cortex, easy to absorb dust is not easy to clean;

Matters needing attention

We should also cherish when using, coupled with the correct care, you can make the use of leather office furniture for longer years, maintenance is not difficult, the need is careful!