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Level 44 copy of the Quiet Spirit Valley BOSS Harace Walkthrough

2018-05-01 00:00:00

Level 44 copy of the Quiet Spirit Valley BOSS Harace Walkthrough


Harace's trick is to avoid the roar. As long as the roar is skillfully avoided, Harith is easy to kill. Core Tip: Watch out for growls and ice breath in combat, keep a good distance for ranged classes, and watch out for Harith attacks for melee classes. Expert Difficulty Guide: In expert difficulty, the small monsters around the BOSS are more obstructive than the BOSS. The monsters around Harith are constantly refreshed, so kills are not effective. Therefore, in order not to attract monsters, it is recommended to attack at the corner of the treasure chest or dragon hand bone.


Roar in the air, pull the player up close to the body, give impact, and strike hard. If you don't dodge, you'll be hit five times. Hunters without defensive skills are seen using growling skills, it is best to get out of the way as soon as possible. Waving your right hand is the start of the attack. Left hand hits the ground, creates a shock wave. (Shock wave has no attack judgment)


Ice Breath Exhale, push the player away, and use ice breath at 120 degrees in front. Ice Breath attack damage is very large, will enter the frozen state, so avoid good. The attack distance of the breath is long and is not affected by the terrain, so if you see to use the ice breath, avoid the other direction as soon as possible.


After the Bash swings its right hand, it also swings its left hand to attack the surrounding enemies. It can fly a long way when attacked, so avoid it first.


Dash attacks forward, swinging your hands alternately and using your body squeeze for a 3 combo. This attack can also catapult people far, so be careful to avoid it. With your left hand out in front of you, bend over, and sprint forward for a triple punch.